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Monograms. Reinvented for the 21st century.

Personal monograms used to be a badge of honor, embroidered on our every work shirt. But somewhere between mass production and ephemeral fashion trends, they were left behind. We love them. So we’re bringing them back — reinvented in a more permanent, sculptural form, produced just for you with state-of-the art equipment.

But why should a monogram be limited to initials? Really, any two letters or numbers can make a personal statement: You and your partner’s initials, your state abbreviation, your football jersey number, your dog’s birthday. Whatever you want, we don’t judge. Just pick something meaningful – and next time you see someone with a Mymo, be sure to ask what theirs represents.

Great for when you’re looking to give a personalized gift, but don’t want it to be too personal, if you know what we mean. Want to impress your new mother-in-law, but don’t have a clue what she likes? That’s okay, just type her initials into our creator (you at least know her initials, right?) and place your order. Boom, you’re in the will.

Three Products. (For now.)

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Statement Necklace Available as an 18mm (¾") pendant in stainless steel, sterling silver, or handpolished silver, your Mymo will make a statement. Stainless steel comes with an 18-inch long cable chain for a rugged style. Sterling silver comes with an adjustable length sterling silver chain. Our ultra-luxe handpolished silver is made of sterling silver polished to maximum shine on an adjustable length sterling silver chain for the ultimate custom Mymo.

Mini Necklace Available as am 8mm pendant in 14 karat gold or sterling silver, our mini Mymo tells your story in just two characters. On delicate 18" wheat chains, gold or silver mini Mymos whisper sweetly.

Keychain Our keychain holds your keys and your 18mm (¾") Mymo with style and function. It includes a U-shaped ring and a durable 4" flat cable chain to connect your Mymo. Our keychains are available in your choice of nickel-plated stainless steel (available without nickel plating for those with a nickel allergy) or in solid sterling silver. No fiddly fingernail-breaking keyrings here, just unscrew one of the balls to easily add or remove your keys.

Made with love in New York City.

Mymo is a project from Ultravirgo, a graphic design and branding agency with a penchant for typography. After creating a custom two-letter design for our own 3D monogram, we decided to create a whole typeface tailored for 3-dimensional use to drag monograms from the florid Victorian era into the 21st Century.